Join us in giving a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Tangram’s very own Liam Price for qualifying to compete in this years WORLD GAMES in Berlin! WOW! This is a HUGE accomplishment!

Liam is an extraordinary young man who has made his life purpose to promote inclusion of all with or without disabilities! Not only is Liam a very talented swimmer but he has also pushed out of his comfort zone to become a fantastic public speaker. He has been using his public speaking skills to encourage others to pursue their dreams and promote inclusion of all!

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Don’t give up!

Everyone knows the stress of living on a tight budget and not enjoying your job. Brad was feeling that stress and decided it was time for a
change, with a NEW JOB! Brad started his brand new job at Little Caesar’s at the beginning of July and is absolutely ecstatic to be a

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The Magic of New Beginnings

At Tangram, we like to say, “Trust in the magic of new beginnings.” We all know change can be hard and sometimes daunting, but this mantra helps us focus on the positive possibilities that come with change. This is something Jeremiah has experienced first hand. Last...

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Brad and Rita: The Big Photoshoot

Rita and Brad pose for a photo on a concrete structure painted with the word “Friends.” Our Disability Awareness Month Mission Moment is a photo journey through Lafayette with two infectiously happy people and their advocate, friend, and photographer. Rita and Brad...

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John’s Next Chapter

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and sometimes, we encounter circumstances that require us to reinvent ourselves. John is no stranger to this scenario. He had worked as a truck driver for more than 20 years when he began using a wheelchair and needed to...

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A Magnificent Milestone for Brian

Life is full of different milestones, but the type of milestone that Brian is celebrating is something that most people don’texperience. This year, Brian is celebrating his 28th year of employment with Kroger. If you ask him what he does, he says he mainly takes care...

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Holiday Celebrations!

As the holidays get closer, Tangram’s clients and staff are full of festive spirit! Here are a few snapshots of how we’ve been celebrating the year-end holidays: OT Makes Thanksgiving Dinner A few months ago, our friend OT, was battling some health issues which made...

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The Beauty of Friendship

Posting the volunteer position felt a little like building a dating profile. “Tangram is seeking volunteers to be virtual buddies with individuals with disabilities. Must be familiar with Zoom, have a variety of interests, be able to make conversation, and want to...

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