Autism Diagnostics and Support

Partnering with individuals and families on your child’s journey to a bright future. 


At the Tangram Autism Center, we understand that a diagnosis is not the end; it’s the beginning! It’s the first step in acknowledging and understanding how an individual’s mind works and giving him or her the resources needed to succeed.


Whether you are a child, teenager or young adult, Tangram works with an individuals current developmental stage to create a path to understanding their unique qualities. We will conduct a series of scientifically-based, standardized assessments administered by a trained professional to make a diagnosis and to work with family members to understand next steps and valuable resources.

Assent-based ABA

Tangram offers Assent-based applied behavioral analysis services. Tangram ABA is committed to providing individualized evidence-based practices focusing on self-advocacy, naturalistic home/community-based instruction, as well as services offering in our Center for Interdependent Living space. 

Why Choose Tangram?

Tangram is committed to helping each individual we serve realize their personal goals and achieve overall wellness. Diagnostic evaluations will be conducted by a trained clinician who will meet with individuals to complete the ADOS-2 and additional batteries of assessments including the Autism Diagnosis Interview-Revised (ADI-R), the Social Responsiveness Scale Second Edition (SRS-2), the Childhood Autism Rating Scale Second Edition (CARS-2), or Gilliam Autism Rating Scale Third Edition (GARS-3).

Caregiver with special needs child

How does it work?

Schedule your appointment- Call or email our team (317-968-9081) to determine eligibility and prepare a time for your child to take the test or enroll in ABA services. When calling, please ask about payment and insurance options. 

Evaluation and assessment-The evaluation will include a parent interview using the M-CHAT tool and scheduled testing with the patient using assessments such as the ADOS-2, CARS etc.

Results consultation- Following the evaluation process, the clinician will present a comprehensive report allowing for dialogue to grow a deeper understanding of the diagnosis. Individuals and caregivers will be given guidance and support as they navigate the terminology, interventions, and opportunities available.


Don't have a waiver?

With over 30 years of experience, Tangram can help you apply for any of the benefits for which you qualify.

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