A Steadfast Support System for Hoosiers with Disabilities

The right resources and community support

We know how important it is to have access to the right resources and the right support system to achieve your families hopes and dreams.

Tangram is committed to helping persons living with disabilities realize the full spectrum of life experiences. Their happiness and well-being are our primary concerns, so we work with clients and their families to move beyond the perceived limits of physical and social barriers and champion them to be involved and fully engaged in life.

Disability Programming Designed To Achieve Life Goals

Tangram’s services and programs help individuals living with disability discover their passions and interests, find ways to express those talents within careers and social activities, create new opportunities to live and be involved in their own community, develop the tools needed for independent living and establish a support system for now and well into the future. It is this in-depth approach that leads to unique opportunities in everyday living—employment, personal growth and achievement, volunteer engagement, sports competition, healthy living, the arts, skydiving and much more.

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Community Living

Customized support systems to help achieve independent living.

Community Exploration

Opportunities for personal growth in integrated, community settings.

Behavior Consulting

Behavioral health assessments, strategies, and training.

Employment/ Equal Grounds

Helping persons living with disability find competitive, sustainable employment.

Autism Services

Diagnostic assessment and support services for individuals and families.

Virtual Activities

Virtual activities and social groups to help stay connected.

Don't have a waiver?

With over 30 years of experience, Tangram can help you apply for any of the benefits for which you qualify.

How to get started


Apply Now

Whether you are a case manager or caring for a loved one, we’ll help you discover all the available resources.


Connect with our team

We offer disability services, programming, housing, and more for disabled youth and adults throughout the state of Indiana.


Feel hopeful for the future

We believe every disabled person deserves equal opportunity to thrive and are committed to playing our part in making that a reality.

HELP Resource Center

Any questions?

To learn more or get started, contact Shelley Hall at (317) 968-9088 or shall@thetangramway.org.

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