What are NAP Tax Credits?

The Neighborhood Assistance Program (“NAP”) is a program of the State of Indiana, created by Indiana Code 6-3.1-9. Donors that receive state tax credits from an eligible non-profit organization may receive a reduction of their Indiana income tax liability valued at 50% of the amount of their donation. That means that if they donate $200 and receive tax credits for their full donation, they can receive a $100 tax credit, which is applied against their Indiana state tax liability (not their federal tax liability). That tax credit is applied when they file their next State tax returns.

Tangram has been awarded $11,100 in tax credits, meaning that we can accept $22,200 in donations. Credits are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, and the minimum donation is $200.

Donations to Tangram’s NAP Tax Credit program support Tangram’s behavioral health services in Marion County.

Interested in receiving NAP Tax Credits?

Contact Katie Sjoberg via email or (317) 968-9048 to secure your credits. Then, you can make your donation online below.

There are many ways to be involved.


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