A dedicated team focused on providing disability services, programming, and care for all ages.

working with clients and their families to move beyond the perceived limits

Tangram supports people with disabilities by designing services to meet their specific needs and desires. We assist them to live full, meaningful, and happy lives, at home and as members of their community. Tangram joins with community partners to create inclusive and sustainable solutions to challenges faced by those impacted by disabilities.

The Tangram Story

Tangram was established in 1985 in Hancock County, Indiana by families of individuals with disabilities who wanted better options for independent living for their loved ones. Since that time, Tangram has grown to serve individuals with disabilities and their families throughout Central Indiana, and offers a wide range of individualized services to meet the unique needs of the people we serve.

Our Values

What is The Tangram Way? The Tangram Way is a philosophy and a way of being that influences how the Tangram family supports each other and serves our community. Consisting of four core values that guide everything we do at Tangram, we believe The Tangram Way makes better persons of us all.

What is a tangram?


A Chinese geometric puzzle consisting of a square cut into seven pieces that can be rearranged to make various other shapes.

The seven pieces of the tangram puzzle can be rearranged to form over 10,000 different shapes. This is symbolic of our belief that there are unlimited possibilities for people with disabilities.

Tangram puzzle pieces

People FIrst

Putting People First

Empowering people to show up as our best selves to maximize individuals' potential and celebrate diversity.

Embracing Our Mistakes

Embracing Our Mistakes

Embracing innovation and creativity to foster decision-making without fear of making mistakes.

People FIrst

Remembering Our Reason

Supporting clients to live as independently as possible with choice, control, and community inclusion.

Committed to Improvement

Committed To Improvement

Committing to continuous improvement so that every person can do and be their best.

Strategic & Diveristy Plans 2023-2025

Annual Reports

We know how hard it is to find a job that loves you back.

Since 1985, we have employed a talented team who have made a tangible difference in the lives of our disabled community.


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