At Tangram, we are committed to the mission of the organization.

Tangram supports people with disabilities by designing services to meet their specific needs and desires. We assist them to live full, meaningful, and happy lives, at home and as members of their community.

To further this commitment, Tangram is dedicated to a high level of corporate responsibility through its business activities and ethical practices. These include, but are not limited to: ongoing quality assurance and improvement processes, performance improvement and outcomes management, strategic planning activities, governance processes, and requests for input from all stakeholders. Moreover, Tangram works to ensure active and ongoing compliance with all federal, state and local laws and all other governing regulations, accreditation standards and ethical guidelines.

Tangram is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). As part of the CARF Accreditation process, Governance Standards are reviewed and applied. Additionally, Tangram is a United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI) agency and is a member of the Indiana Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (INARF).

In keeping with Tangram’s mission and values and to meet the standards of our accrediting bodies, the President/CEO is committed to carrying out its programs and services in a manner consistent with Tangram’s strategic plan, standards of individual and organizational ethical and business practices, our nonprofit status, and good corporate citizenship.

Tangram’s Chief Administrative Officer serves as the agency Compliance Officer and Tangram’s agency Leadership Team serves as its Compliance Committee.

Share your feedback!

Tangram strives to provide the highest quality of services possible. We welcome feedback from all of our constituents so that we can continually improve our services and meet our mission of creating extraordinary lives for individuals with disabilities. If you have a comment, question, suggestion, or any other form of feedback that you would like Tangram to know about, please fill out the form below and Shannon Duggan, Chief Administrative Officer, will address it. If you have a complaint, please use the Complaint Form, which is linked above. You may also contact Shannon Duggan directly at (317) 968-9019 or via email.

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