About HELP Resource Center

Tangram’s HELP Resource Center is an information and referral system that can help individuals identify and access community resources. We address needs that are integral to overall quality of life–housing, healthcare, basic needs, finances, etc.–knowing that when a person achieves stability in these areas, they are better able to focus on achieving their goals.

What can the HELP Resource Center assist with?

The HELP Resource Center was created to connect individuals and families to community resources, such as utility assistance, government benefits, insurance, food stamps, housing assistance, childcare, tax preparation, applying for the Medicaid Waiver, and more!

How does the HELP Resource Center work?

Anyone can use the HELP Resource Center and it is a free service. The center is completely confidential and is staffed by Master’s- and Bachelor’s-track social work students from area colleges.

How can you help?

Make a donation today to help more people like Saundra.

To get connected to the HELP Resource Center, please click the button below and complete our online form. If you have questions, please contact Megan Lauman at (317) 968-9038 or mlauman@thetangramway.org.

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