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Don’t give up!

Sep 17, 2022 | Mission Moments

Everyone knows the stress of living on a tight budget and not enjoying your job. Brad was feeling that stress and decided it was time for a change, with a NEW JOB!

Brad started his brand new job at Little Caesar’s at the beginning of July and is absolutely ecstatic to be a part of his community and to make a good paycheck. Brad tells his staff how amazing he is at his job and looks forward to going to work. Finding a new job wasnt easy for Brad. Being almost completely blind, there wasnt a whole of jobs to pick from when starting the job search. But he was determined to reach his goal of working in the community with others and bringing home a paycheck to feed his love for video games. After a couple years of searching and countless applications submitted with no call backs, Brad FINALLY met his perfect match.

When asking Brad what he would say to others that are in a similar position and looking for a job, Brad says Dont quit, even when others tell you no”. Brads staff Kristen recalls hearing Brad tell her many times You just cant give up Kristen, you gotta keep trying Its that positive attitude and perseverance that landed him a dream job.

Brads staff, Kristen, recalls how much more relaxed Brad is from day to day since starting this job. Brad wakes up on the days he works and has so much more motivation to get up, get ready, and make some money. Not only has his motivation increased and stress decreased, but Brads self-esteem has sky rocketed! His face glows with excitement when he talks about how he is included in the work group chat and he gets to text with his new coworkers and playfully tease each other.

Kristen is so incredibly proud of Brad and his accomplishments. She goes on to say Its fun watching him grow and learn every day. I get to watch all his achievements and how excited he gets. It makes me excited for him”.

I believe we all need a little more of Brad attitude in our lives.

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