A behavioral counselor working with client
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Behavioral Consulting services

As part of Tangram's holistic approach for serving persons living with disability, we provide Behavioral Consultation and Training. We also provide:

•  support for mental illness
•  support for developmental delay
•  monitoring of medications, and
•  consultation with medical personnel

A holistic perspective

Our approach begins with a thorough functional behavioral assessment (FBA) of the individual living with disability. We then develop a uniquely customized behavioral support plan, and offer training to help the individual and their support team to implement the plan. As part of the client team, Tangram collects objective data to measure ongoing effectiveness and provide continuing expertise and guidance.

Tangram offers Behavioral Training to parents, schools, health care organizations and others involved in the care of persons living with disability. Tangram's training includes assessments and behavioral support plans, monitoring, and data analysis, and positive behavioral supports.

Our individualized approach is designed to enhance the behavioral health of each individual and help them continue on a path of greater self-determination, independence and involvement.

Contact Stephanie Buttler for more information: 317-968-9034